An espresso & biscotti, let's get acquainted

Long story short, we are web marketing specialists that combine creative and effective design with the latest web marketing strategies to fuel your business's growth and recognition.


David Fostokjian

Front of House

Account Manager & Sales

David Fostokjian is a driven individual with a strong background in accounting, marketing, and business strategy. He firmly believes that any marketing strategy should always be geared toward reaching those who would benefit the most from your product or service. Contact us today to get your business started towards achieving your goals!

A company that prides themselves in taking a more grassroots
approach towards helping their clients achieve their goals.


Our pledge to all our clients is to deliver them a final product and experience that will exceed expectation. We strongly believe that our clients are a part of our team and that our success is contingent on theirs. Let us move your company forward, the time is now. Choose Intangible Media for your next web project!